Toyo Tires

Everything You Should Know About Toyo Tires

Toyo Tires

Ranked #1 an unprecedented 7 times by the North American Tire dealers in the Tire Review Magazine’s Annual Tire Brand Study, Toyo tires is indeed a brand to reckon with. Headquartered in Osaka, japan, Toyo tires was founded in 1945, and has had a fantastic run of 68 years in which it has built massive development, manufacturing and marketing operations across Eurasia, Oceania and the Americas, ensuring its global footprint.

Headed by Akira Nobuki, who is the Group President, Toyo tires has a revered reputation across the globe for the innovation it brings to tire technology, the quality of its finished products and the performance of its tires on the roads.


Tire characteristics

Any innovation requires technology, and the technology of Toyo tires is built on one of Japan’s oldest business philosophies known as ‘Kaizen’, i.e., constant or continuous improvement.  Focusing on performance, safety, durability, comfort – and keeping in mind the ecology – Toyo tires have churned out products that have ensured the above factors and they have also serviced customers in making their journeys memorable and full of comfort. Toyo manufactures 6 kinds of tires broadly.

Toyo’s SUV and light truck tire range ensures maximum grip on the road and off it using cutting-edge tread technology regarding depths and voids, innovative designs, and strong construction. Its sports car range features the highly-popular Proxes series, whose design and construction makes for a compelling track performance. The cars, sedans and crossovers range of Toyo is what journey dreams are made of – the fluid, quietness and comfort that the tire provides to the vehicle is unmistakable and whizzing through smoothly was never easy. Toyo’s range of winter tires are suited to the season – a tough design with spike technology ensures stability and control, showing no signs of slippage.

The commercial tires collection of Toyo – both medium and light commercial vehicles – is designed specifically for haulage of all kinds, so as to offer a high mileage and lesser wear and tear. Last but not the least, the competition tires collection of Toyo, built with next-gen technology and innovative design elements, ensures the driver a place in the winner’s circle.


Toyo’s latest

The latest designs featured from Toyo are in the highly popular Proxes series, which are being showcased underneath Corvette Stingrays, Camaros and the likes at the SEMA show in Vegas this year. Not to mention they are drawing lots of praise.


Proxes 4 Plus: Featuring in high-powered sports cars, this tire made for all seasons features silica in its tread design, the many wave sipes on its circumference and wide inner and outer treads for the driver to experience a good braking mechanism and a quiet ride, and ensuring a longer life of the tire.  


Proxes T1R: These high-performance summer tires are debuting at the SEMA show in Vegas this year, and have attracted attention for their one-off tread design, the similar shoulder slits and an extremely enhanced tread performance. Designed for vehicles of sport, it promises to take sporting action to a whole new level.